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Photography Workshops & Field Trips, Orlando, FL

Sponsored by Tern Media


General Information:

  • These are instructional field trips designed to improve your nature photography skills. They will be led by Milton Heiberg, a thirty-year veteran, teacher, and author of nature photography.
  • Requirements are that you have the proper equipment, which normally means a DSLR (digital  single lens reflex camera), sturdy tripod, adequate media storage and lenses, proper walking shoes and apparel, insect repellent, and in some cases, lunch and show up on time.
  • These trips are designed for photographers of all levels, novice to professional. The emphasis is on how to photograph nature.
  • See listings for specific additional requirements.

If you have any specific questions, please call Milton Heiberg at (407) 451-3661 evenings.

Merritt Island NWR, Titusville, FL - Sunrise Field trip. See Schedule

       We will photograph the rising sun over water from Bio Lab Road. The abundant bird life from this location may be used as props in the landscape, or wildlife studies in themselves. This is one of Florida’s best kept secrets for a photo-op. We will meet at the Parish Park parking lot.  See Map

                  Fee $75.

To register. See registration form.


Orlando Wetlands Christmas, FL - Sunrise Field trip. See Schedule

       We will do some landscape photography of the sunrise with water reflections at one of the most beautiful scenic locations in Central Florida. The rest of the morning will be spent photographing flying and perched birds, as well as other wildlife. Bring a tripod and a 300mm or longer lens (a tele-extender would help). The many gray sun-bleached tree branches make interesting and photogenic perches for our avian subjects. Bring bug spray if bugs like you. Wear comfortable walking shoes. We will be walking about 2-1/2 miles.

We will meet at the Wetlands Park parking lot and hike 1-1/2 miles to our sunrise location.  Map and Directions to Orlando Wetlands Park (Adobe Acrobat file)

Fee $85.

To register. See registration form.


Oakland Preserve Photo Workshop, Oakland Florida

       This will be a 3-part workshop:

           Wednesday, 03/01/23  – Zoom: pre workshop prep class, 7:00-8:00pm

           Saturday, 03/04/23 - 8:00am – 3:00pm+ Field work at Oakland Preserve, 8:00am–2:00pm

           Wednesday, 03/08/23  – Zoom: Show & Tell Critique, 7:00-9:00pm

Fee $145

To register. See more at  registration form.


Bosque del Apache NWR Weeklong Workshop (November 13 - 20, 2022)

Bosque del Apache is probably the best place worldwide to photograph Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes during their southern migration stopover. Each morning the Snow Geese will blast-off in massive numbers at dawndirectly overhead and in the distance against a mountain backdrop and orange sky. The experience alone is one you will never forget. The photo-op is unparalleled.

Fee $3,350 (includes all fees, lodging, and guided instruction, but does not include meals). Call Milton Heiberg at (407) 451-3661 if you have any questions.

To register. See registration form.


Everglades National Park Friday through Sunday (March 3 - 5, 2023)

We begin our photography session on Friday afternoon at the Royal Palm Visitor Center’s Anhinga Trail.  Catch a sunset across the flat fields of the Everglades. Supper will be followed by a slide lecture on bird photography. Saturday is an event-packed day with short hikes into the Everglades and possibly into the mangroves to photograph wildlife (including an American Crocodile), and back to Florida City for the night. Sunday starts with a sunrise shoot back at the Anhinga Trail. Other stops may include a few hours at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Green Cay, and/or other sites pending reports.

The necessary equipment for this trip (in addition to the normal photo bag) is a sturdy tripod and a lens of at least 300mm focal length (the longer the better, of course).

If you are coming from the Orlando, Florida area, our car pool will leave from Lake Rose, Orlando, FL, at 7:00 AM, Friday, and arrive back in Orlando between 6:00 and 7:00 PM, Sunday. If you are coming from anywhere else, we will meet you at the hotel in Florida City, FL. We will check in at the hotel, grab lunch, and head out no later than 2:00 PM. A detailed itinerary and check list will be sent to you once you have registered.

Fee: $1225 (includes all fees, lodging, and guided instruction, but does not include meals). Call Milton Heiberg at (407) 451-3661 if you have any questions.

To register. See registration form.

Private One-on-One Image Coaching

There are TWO OPTIONS for One-on-One instruction.

1.      If you know how to use your camera and have some experience taking pictures, but just want to improve your picture taking ability, then you might consider sending me copies of your photos for critique and improvement tips using my Email Coaching service. This service is ideal if you have time constraints, or just have specific photo consultation need. For more information, CLICK HERE.

2.      If you are a beginner, just bought a new DSLR camera, and/or cannot schedule into a camera class before your trip to . . . (wherever), then consider a One-on-One instruction service. This can be at my home, which is on a beautiful lake opposite a secluded wetland, or at a place of your choosing. CLICK HERE.

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